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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  October 12, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and where chief batts could be headed next. >> we have great weather building our way as high pressure starts to move in. temperatures going to be storing into the afternoon. >> roadwork is wrapping up but we'll show you where you could be slowed down coming up in a bit. good morning. it's wednesday, october 12. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. just in the middle of the week, if we can get through had. >> we can. the weekend is looming. 5:00 now. we begin with oakland's police chief. he says his frustration with the lack of control over his department is a key reason why he is quitting and he plans to leave next month. >> anne makovec is in oakland with more on the city hall politics that apparently had a lot it do with him stepping down. -- a lot to do with him stepping down. >> reporter: this is the first morning that chief batts is a lame duck at the oakland police department. he is stepping down around november 15 after only two years on the job. he announced it yesterday.
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check it out. >> i feel that i don't have full control of the oakland police department. >> reporter: yeah. he says he doesn't have full control but he does have full accountability. and that is not adding up for him. the conditions he has been dealing with, the layoff of about 150 officers and threats that the department could be put under federal control because of a civil rights lawsuit settlement from back in 2003. but the latest and perhaps sharpest jab is the mayor opposing a curfew for teenagers which batts wanted as well as an anti-loitering ordinance and expanded gang injunctions while the city's murder rate reached 90 so far this year. a lot of people in oakland blame the mayor for being plainly out of touch. >> just holding a press conference the day after that happens or the day that it happens to say how sad it is and a vigil and this and that, let's see some action. >> reporter: the mayor still needs to name an interim chief. that person has a tall order
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work on the civil rights settlement and an upcoming safety summit, as well. now, as for batts, we have heard that he is headed to harvard university to do some research and perhaps some part- time teaching. back to you guys. >> anne, during your live shot we saw some video with the mayor, mayor quan, speaking. you could see batts doing one of these kind of things. we knew their relationship was not particularly good. did she speak yesterday and say anything about him stepping down? >> reporter: she really did not say much about it. she was just kind of standing there for the most part. she did respond to a couple of things but didn't really express any real disappointment with his stepping down. as far as how that all came about, she said that when she first came on as mayor last year, she offered for him to step down and said he want going to. she has been pretty mum on the whole scenario but defends herself when the business
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leader has something to say about her role in how the -- basically these two entities are not getting along. >> it's apparent from the video that's for sure. it could get disruptive, "occupy" protestors are planning even more ee haven't in the bay area today. >> they are taking their message to the suburbs this afternoon and stephanie chuang is in san francisco where a march is set to start in just a couple of hours. good morning. reporter: good morning. we are live in front of the federal reserve building where campers are still out here, dozens of them. more action today to protest, a march going through the financial district. they are calling it the morning hour march. i have evelyn sanchez with me now, one. march organizers. -- one of the march organizers. when did this organizing start and what's your message? >> this organizing that you see here in front of the federal building happened two weeks ago if solidarity with the "occupy wall street" movement. a lot of the organizations that are putting on the action this
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morning have actually been organizing around the issue of foreclosures and very bad wages for many, many years. our solidarity with with these protestors that the economy isn't working. >> reporter: you're with the parent leadership action network. are you representing the family aspect of this? people struggling? >> absolutely. a lot of organizations that are organizing this action are very much in touch with the families that have been most directly affected by this economic crisis through foreclosures and cuts in services,. >> reporter: you will be marching throughout the financial district this morning? >> correct. we are going to be making several stops so people will be hearing from us. >> thank you so much.
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protestors will be back again this morning. we'll see the chinese joining in today. also in oakland, it's been picking up momentum there where there were more than 60 tents last night. campers say they will be reclaiming public space. they believe out there until they see governments locally doing something about the growing joblessness. and this is spreading to other places, too. a group of 20 people plan to protest at the corner of mount diablo and locust in walnut creek at 4:00 this afternoon. also in palo alto, a demonstration is scheduled in front of the bank of america at 5:00 tonight. and even more than that, we have another one in san rafael protest in front of one of the bank of america offices at noon. you can see the movement picking up everywhere if the bay area. >> thank you. antiwall street protestors went past homes belonging to
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billionaires like david koch and others to protest a big tax break they are about to get. a state blanket tax on the wealthy all set to expire in december and take about $5 billion in annual revenue away with it. protestors want to keep that in place. a warning for americans at home and abroad this morning. >> that's right. watch for possible terrorist activity this after that alleged plot was foiled. there are two men who are accused of plotting to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. authorities say that the two planned to use explosives to kill the ambassador at a busy restaurant in washington, d.c. and they believe that iran was behind the plot. the funerals happen today for two of the men killed in the shooting at that cupertino cement plant last week. family and friends of 48-year- old manuel pinon held a rosary in san jose last night.
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51-year-old john vallejos was also remembered last night with a visitation service in san jose. pinon's brother says the toughest part is not having closure. >> not being able to say good- bye to my brother, our brother. yeah, it hurts. but we have to move on and thanks for everybody's support. we appreciate that. >> pinon was at an early- morning meeting last wednesday when shareef allman opened fire. three people were killed. six others were wounded. it turns out that allman did not die from bullets fired by deputies last week. according to the santa clara county coroner's office, the 47- year-old truck driver actually died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 5:07. bryan stow is spending his first full day out of the hospital in more than six months. doctors transferred him from san francisco general yesterday to a long-term rehabilitation center. they won't say exactly where. but he still cannot stand up or
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walk. but the doctors are saying that stow is able to move his body and sit up on his own. two suspects have pleaded not guilty to attacking stow just outside of dodger stadium. hope there for the family. >> he hasn't plateaued yet. weather-wise we are heading in a great direction after that awful monday. lawrence is finally handing out some decent weather. >> we'll let him back into the fold. >> we are getting things right now in the weather office. i think it's going to be fantastic. today we are going to have beautiful conditions. outside now fairly cool temperatures in the napa valley, 49 degrees. they are reporting some fog there. 59 in san jose. 61 and mild in mountain view. 60 in san francisco. i think by the afternoon, what a change it's going to be. yesterday wasn't bad. we started to see some of these temperatures warming up many of those numbers comfortably into the 70s but by this afternoon,
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it's going to be three to eight degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures topping out in the 80s by the afternoon. and we could even see some warmer weather into the next couple of days. we'll have more on that in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. let's go outside. show what you it looks like in the south bay. we'll start off with this live look at 101 traffic right there by the alum rock exit. we have our photographer standing by. those headlights are moving northbound in the santa clara direction. and everything actually looks great in all directions of northbound and southbound 101. to our maps, overnight roadwork has been picked up at the bay bridge. we had various lanes blocked in the upper and lower decks but that wrapped up so now everything is cruising on into san francisco. this is a live look near the fremont street exit the first exit into the city. the nimitz 880 through oakland we also had overnight roadwork between fruitvale and broadway that's been picked up within the last 10 minutes or so. now full freeway closure still in effect in pittsburg at loveridge road eastbound 4 until 5:30. coming up a check of mass transit.
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in the meantime, back to you. >> thank you. 5:09. the president's jobs plan dies in the senate. why the fight, though, is not over. >> and a new target among the gop presidential hopefuls. the poll favorite in the hot seat last night in new hampshire and the endorsements that could change the game. coming up. and surprise testimony in the michael jackson death trial. how it is throwing a wrench in his doctor's defense. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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presidential race... now that former pizza executive herman cain is getting the attention of his fellow republicans in the presidential race now that he is enjoying momentum in the polls. during last night's debate in new hampshire, that attention was in the form of criticism of his proposed 9/9/9 tax code. >> i think it's a catchy phrase. i thought it was a price of a
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pizza when i first heard about it. [ laughter ] >> continuing to pivot off the current tax code is not going to boost this economy. this is why we developed nine, nine, nine, 9% tax. and it will pass. >> and in a surprise move before last night's debate, new jersey governor chris christie endorsed former massachusetts mitt romney. 5:13 now. the american jobs act won't even go to a final vote in the u.s. senate. president obama his plan to create jobs was rejected during a vote yesterday. he will now focus on getting individual elements. bill through congress. vice president joe biden will talk about it on "the early show" which begins this morning at 7:00 right here on cbs 5. at least 14 people are dead in a series of bombings in baghdad today. 60 people were injured. the car bombs targeted police at three different locations.
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some were by suicide bombers. there is no claim of responsibility. u.s. forces will be out of iraq by the end of the year. the attacks raise questions about whether iraqi security forces are ready to secure their city. another step forward. the latest milestone for the victims of the san bruno blast. plus, brad pitt a s.w.a.t. team and a stash of guns. why the action on the flick was a little too real. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the "occupy" movem march this morni in the headlines, the "occupy" movement planning a march this morning in san francisco's financial district. the walk is scheduled to begin at 7:00 outside the federal reserve building on market street. oakland's police chief is resigning because of what he calls limited control but full accountability. anthony batts plans to leave in november after two years on the job. funerals will be held today for two men who died in the shootings at the cupertino cement plant a week ago am a total of three people were killed, six others were wounded. good morning, bay area. out the door we have a much brighter and, yes, sunny day showing up around the bay area
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today. we have patchy fog but not much that will give way to plenty of sunshine. temperatures now in the 50s and the 60s. i think by the afternoon, though, we are going to enjoy some of the beautiful autumn sunshine. sunny and better even sunny at the coast. very little in the way of cloud cover coming up. lots of sunshine coming our way. and the temperatures going to be heating up. jet stream going to the north of the bay area. no worries rain at all. so nice and dry and temperatures by the afternoon looking good. 83 and warm in san jose, 82 redwood city, 69 half moon bay and 79 degrees in fremont. east bay 85 antioch, 86
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pleasant hill. at the bay, plenty of sunshine there. 76 in alameda. about 78 in san leandro. 66 in daly city. the next couple of days the temperatures will heat up. thursday and friday could pop 90s around parts of the interior valleys. then toward the weekend, a few more clouds gather and looks like the temperatures are cooling down but elizabeth, these next few days looking fantastic around the bay area. >> good news that it's dry on the roads. at the golden gate bridge, they just did the lane change so everything moving across fine now on northbound and southbound 101 all across the span. our news crews have been talking about this for the morning, these planned protests for san francisco's financial district. they are expected to start around 7:00 this morning at the federal reserve building on market. expect street closures. we'll follow it for the morning commute. we'll let you know what's going on there. in the meantime for now,
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heading into san francisco, it is really quiet. there are still no metering lights at the bay bridge so you are looking good all across the upper deck. there is no sign of any slowing on any sensors anywhere and there was some overnight roadwork on the upper deck, that's been picked up, as well. and on the lower deck. westbound 92, 13 or 14 minutes between hayward and the peninsula. eastbound 4 a full freeway closure, should be pick up the cones shortly by 5:30 when the detour signs are expected to be removed. westbound highway 4 looks great through pittsburg, concord towards 242. there is no delay at all this morning. and for mass transit riders, great news here. systemwide bart is on time. bart, ace, muni and caltrain and your ferries all are on schedule. remember kcbs once you do hit the roads. they're our radio partners. and you can find them at 740-am and 106.9-fm. back to you.
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>> thank you. san francisco election officials say that it was a printing error that misdirected about a quarter of the city voters to the wrong polling site. this is for next month's election. the city plans to ask its vendor to pay for the correction notices. and the "san francisco chronicle" is giving mayoral hopeful david chiu its stamp of approval. they endorsed the district 3 supervisor today calling him a pragmatic and principled problem solver capable of shaking things up at city hall. the "chronicle" backed one of chiu's opponents in the 2008 supervisors race but apparently changed their mind. and it's another step forward this morning in the san bruno neighborhood. >> it is. it's happening in crestmoor site of last year's devastating pipeline explosion. the barricades that had been in place since the disaster will be removed. the city's mayor and other officials will take part in a
5:22 am
ceremony at claremont and glenview. 5:21. a little prehalloween fun turns into anything but. >> we thought this was fun, instead it's a nightmare. [ crying ] >> the dramatic 911 call, this after a family gets lost in a corn maze. ♪
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drug injection. there is no way michael jackson could have given himself a fatal drug injection according to the medical examiner at the involuntary manslaughter trial of dr. conrad murray. the medical examiner testified that dr. murray was not out of the room long enough for jackson to have given himself the drug and then stopped breathing. prosecutors are wrapping up their case. a brad pitt action flick got a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. yesterday, a s.w.a.t. team raided a hungarian movie set holding weapons for pitt's upcoming movie, world war z. police seized 85 fully functional weapons. the guns were supposed to be props that didn't work. pitt is reportedly furious because this movie is already way over budget. the movie hits theaters in december of next year. so look out for that zombie flick. this sounds like a horror movie and to her apparently it was. >> here's an expert from an eerie 911 call.
5:26 am
listen. >> i'm really scared. it's really dark and we have a three-week-old baby with us. >> relax, calm down. your husband is with you, right? >> yes, but my baby... [ crying ] >> it's really dahk! what happened? mom and dad couldn't find their way out of a halloween corn maze in massachusetts the the manager and a police k-9 unit saved the day. >> the son was upset and they wanted out quick. they didn't want to go through the maze to be able to get to the end. they kind of wanted out right now. >> and they got out all right. the manager says he did offer them a free pass for a return visit. their response, complete silence. my guess is they have doesn't maze once too many times. [ laughter ] >> once was enough. >> one and done. >> not going in the . coming up gridlock in the senate over the president's jobs plan. >> a new threat for more than a million californians without a job. why their unemployment benefits
5:27 am
are at risk. the san francisco occupy -- the "occupy sf" movement picks up this morning with a rush hour march through the financial district. what to expect coming up. he was tired of taking the heat. he is getting out of the kitchen. police chief anthony batts. what's next for the opd coming up. ,, ,, [ female announcer ] when something isn't right, you like to take care of it immediately. ♪ so when it was time to switch to a medicare plan, you called anthem blue cross. and when your granddaughter's band struggled with your favorite song,
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. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. an assassination plot thwarted. how the u.s. nabbed a man allegedly behind the plot and the new security alert for americans abroad. finally we are getting sunshine returning to the bay area. you will be surprised how warm it will get in your neighborhood. details coming up. >> we are getting busy on our bay area freeways including this live look in the south bay. coming up, why you could expect delays around san francisco's financial district later on in the morning commute. coming up in just a few minutes. all right, guys, thanks much. good morning, everybody. it's wednesday, october 12th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm grace lee. we begin with those protestors who are planning to occupy streets in san francisco this morning. >> it is all part of a growing anti-wall street movement here in the bay area and abroad. stephanie chuang is in san francisco where a march gets under way in a couple of hours at 7:00. >> reporter: catchers still in
5:31 am
front of the federal reserve building. the action picks up at 7:00 with this morning rush hour march set up by community leaders. this is an organization that's going to be marching around the financial district so drivers beware. this is part of the latest action in this movement. we will see some new faces today. chinese community joining in and the chinese progressive association are planning to join that march as well as san francisco supervisor john avalos to show his support. we just spoke with one of the march organizers, who says she has been laid off twice already recently and is one of the many who are sick of what's going on. >> we have taken a blow during the crisis. we depend on philanthropy and it has gone down with this crisis. so a lot of structures have been affected. >> reporter: this movement also picking up in oakland at the frank ogawa plaza where last night there were more than 60
5:32 am
tents set up. campers there say they will stay there until they see local governments doing something about the growing joblessness. this is also really picking up even in smaller cities. the group of 20 people plan to protest at mount diablo and locust in walnut creek. that's at 4:00 this afternoon. and in palo alto, a demonstration is planned in front of a bank of america at 5:00 tonight. then another demonstration in front of a bank of america in san rafael. that's set for noon today. police meantime here in san francisco are standing by to make sure that nothing gets out of hand this morning. but again, morning rush hour march so people who are going to be around here should be aware. back to you. >> all right. stephanie chuang, thank you. this all started in new york and continues there. antiwall street protestors got a little personal with manhattan's megarich. hundreds of them marched past homes belonging to billionaires like david koch, hedge fund manager john paulson and media mogul rupert murdoch to protest the big tax break. they are all about to get a
5:33 am
state blanket tax on the wealthy set to expire in december. that will take about $5 billion in annual revenue with it. the protestors of course would like to keep that in place. and a berkeley artist's social commentary is getting national attention. eric drucker drew the illustration on the cover of this week's "new yorker" magazine that shows a gloomy urban skyline apparently manhattan littered with smokestacks. he says manhattan is the exclusive place for the wealthy and a hostile place for everyone else. governor brown is defending california's new law which supports undocumented immigrants in higher education and he fired back at critics last night saying that they are using scare tactics. >> what they are saying is that if the money wasn't used for the kids of illegals it would be use ed for kids who are citizens. >> absolutely false. if you qualify by your grades and your background of low income, you will get it.
5:34 am
>> governor brown signed the "dream act" over the weekend. that allows thousands of illegal immigrants to apply for state financial aid for uc and cal state campuses. and there was a surprise discovery which led to a major street being closed in fairfield. a road was shut down yesterday after someone found a homemade pipe bomb cleaning out a house. the person waved down a fire crew and they called police to the scene. the bomb squad came in to make sure the device wouldn't do any damage. it is 5:34 now. funerals happen today for the two men killed in the shooting at that cupertino cement plant just a week ago. family and friends of 48-year- old manuel pinon held a rosary at the oak hill memorial park in san jose last night and 51- year-old john vallejos was remembered with a visitation service in san jose. they were among of the three who died last wednesday when shareef allman opened fire at a meeting. and it turns out that allman
5:35 am
didn't actually die from bullets fired by the deputies. the coroner says the 47-year- old truck driver died from a self-inflicted gunshot. and this morning, oakland is looking for a new police chief, anthony batts says he is leaving next month. anne makovec is in oakland with more on the city hall politics that apparently drove batts to call it quits and no secret that he was not that happy there. good morning, anne. >> reporter: that's right. and he is leaving on november 15th after only two years on the job. he and the mayor made the big announcement yesterday. here is an excerpt from his resignation letter saying, quote, with a heavy heart i have recognized that the conditions under which i was hired as chief have changed and do not allow me to fulfill the primary mission to provide an environment where one can live, work, play and thrive free of crime and the fear of crime. there's been video of chief batts batts and mayor jean quan at yesterday's announcement. you can see a little tension in
5:36 am
the air there. the conditions that both of them have been dealing with for the past couple of years. the layoffs of about 150 officers recently and threats that the department could be put under federal control because of a civil rights lawsuit settlement from 2003. the latest and perhaps the sharpest jab is the mayor opposing a curfew for teenagers which batts wanted as well as an anti-loitering ordinance and expanded gang injunctions. >> i have had about 20% control of this police department but i have full accountability. and if i'm going to have full accountability, i want full control of the organization. >> reporter: difficult to have accountability over the department when the murder rate is already reached 90 this year. the mayor needs to name an interim chief. that person has a tall order to fill, working on that civil rights settlement and an upcoming safety summit. batts may go to harvard university to do research and
5:37 am
also do some part-time teaching. this is not the first time we have heard that batts might be unhappy here in oakland. he tried out for the top cop job down in san jose several months ago and lost that. and then he indicated he was planning on staying here in oakland. but apparently not, grace and frank. >> thank you. it is the end. american jobs act as we know it. but president obama insists the fight is far from over. the senate rejected the president's plan to create jobs during a procedural vote yesterday. all 46 republicans and two democrats voted against the $447 billion package. it needed 60 yes votes to move forward. the president said he will now focus on getting individual elements of the bill through congress. more than 6 million americans could lose their unemployment benefits next year if congress doesn't act soon. the unemployment extension is part of president obama's jobs bill. experts say it's possible for lawmakers to take up the extension in a separate
5:38 am
measure. then they could send it through congress on its own before the end of the year. vice president joe biden on the defense today with the president's jobs plan will join "the early show" to respond to the latest senate vote. "the early show" starts at 7:00 here on cbs 5. 5:38. the state department is telling americans to be on alert this morning after an alleged plot to kill a diplomat in washington. be on the lookout for possible terrorist attacks at home and abroad. two men are accused of plotting to assassinate saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. authorities say the two plan to use explosives to kill the ambassador at a busy restaurant in washington, d.c. and they believe iran was behind that plot. are you ready for a little sunshine, a little h-o-t? >> get ready it's coming. let's check in with lawrence and find out what's in store on this wednesday. >> yeah. i'm ready, guys, after that
5:39 am
start to the week. it was dreary. now high pressure system is billion in with offshore winds kicking in. high pressure is building in. low clouds in the napa valley. otherwise good temperatures in the 50s and 60s now. by the afternoon we are going to warm up. how about this? 83 in san jose. 82 santa clara. even warmer in parts of the east bay as high as 87 in pleasanton today. about 85 degrees in walnut creek. and as you make your way into san francisco you're looking at 73 degrees and sunny, even sunny out at the coastline with temperatures there expected in the 60s. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. it looks a whole lot better than yesterday. by this time yesterday morning, a lot of incidents out there on our chp reports on the different spinouts across the bay area but the biggest difference is it's dry this morning so everything actually looks great including across the san mateo bridge. gosh, yesterday our drive time picked up to 30, even 40 minutes on westbound 92 but right now it's only 13 minutes between hayward and foster
5:40 am
city. better news all lanes open. they had a full freeway closure eastbound 4 at loveridge. everything is picked up. we are starting to see slowing the usual stuff in the commute direction westbound 4 right there at hillcrest. elsewhere, planned protests, we have been talking about this, this morning in san francisco's financial district. the "occupy" movement planning to block streets right around market and spear near the federal reserve building expected to kick off around 7 a.m. so we'll be following had one for much of the morning commute. back to you. >> thank you. on to the presidential election. it seems that every time there's a debate among republican candidates, the polls show a different front- runner. >> a lot of debates, too. that is the person who tends to get the most criticism, of course. this time, it was mitt romney's turn in new hampshire last night. >> can you name all 59 points in your 160-page plan? >> the whole discussion around this campaign is going to be job creation. how can you win that debate, begin your background?
5:41 am
>> the american people in the kind of financial crisis they're in, they need someone who knows how to create jobs, and i do. >> although other candidates have briefly had front running status, romney may have the edge long term especially with many states holding their primaries earlier next year. >> somebody who already has that name recognition even if they haven't raised all that money is already a known quantity and somebody like romney who is a known quantity and has raised that money will have a very serious competitive advantage. >> while they were bashing romney, he seemed to be looking beyond the primaries accusing president obama of failing to lead in a time of economic peril but he did defend the wall street bailout. bryan stow out of hospital. new signs of his recovery after the beating outside dodger stadium. >> and surprising results on prostate cancer. how a pill that should be fighting the disease may actually increase the risk. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5:44 am
francisco's financial district.. you might leave if you are heading into san francisco's financial district today, you might want to leave a little early. a protest march begins at 7:00 this morning. the anti-wall street event starts at the federal reserve building on market. president obama says the fight over his jobs bill not over yet. the senate did reject the americans jobs act during a procedural vote. the president will now try to push individual parts of the bill through congress. and anthony batts says frustration with city bureaucracy is among some of the reasons that he is resigning as oakland's police chief. let's get a check of weather, lawrence. >> we'll is he plenty of sunshine today. all the way to the coastline.
5:45 am
high pressure now building in overhead. we just have a couple of patches of fog out there. i think that will be gone in a hurry so warmer days ahead here but we have some changes as we head in toward the weekend. but yeah, we are going to enjoy some beautiful weather today. high pressure building in. a weak offshore wind developing and that combination means great fall weather here and it looks like it will continue throughout today and probably over the next couple of days. this ridge will likely continue to build and as it does, we'll see warmer temperatures. some spots soaring into the 80s today. next couple of days 90s. temperatures breaking down like this today. going to be gorgeous in the afternoon in milpitas, 81 degrees there. 81 in los altos. 69 and sunshine in half moon bay. 79 in hayward. east bay temperatures soaring into the 80s by the afternoon. 87 pleasanton. 85 brentwood. 86 pleasant hill. napa valley looking great if you want to drive there. 83 degrees, beautiful, in the afternoon. inside the bay you will find temperatures soaring into the
5:46 am
70s in oakland. also about 78 in san leandro. 73 degrees in san francisco. and 66 degrees in daly city. next couple of days, we are enjoying sunshine and some very warm fall temperatures. maybe even some 90s popping up in the warmest spots by tomorrow afternoon and also into friday. over the weekend things change a bit. high pressure weakens, cloudy skies and temperatures will come down through sunday and possibly start to warm up just a little into monday and tuesday. that's a look at weather. let's check on traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. so quiet this morning. i was talking to my producer. there have not been any major incidents since we have been on the air at 4:30. so far, so good. south bay a live look in east san jose. this is 101 traffic near the alum rock exit. headlights are moving northbound. it's getting busier out there. we are seeing a few more areas of changing colors in some of our sensors meaning some slower speeds but overall it is into the knott a bad ride anywhere you go. let's go to the maps. here's a live look at the bay
5:47 am
bridge toll plaza. no delay right now approaching the pay gates. no metering lights is what that means. so in another half hour or so, this will all change. we'll start to see backups. for right now you are good to go across the upper deck. 880 here's a live look through oakland. overnight roadwork between fruitvale and broadway has been picked up. you can see the taillights moving northbound. overall not as much fog as yesterday, a drier commute, big difference on the roads. coming up along the peninsula, 101 near third and bayshore, everything moving fine now in both directions. in fact, 280 looks great. all right, these are our first slightly slow spots coming out of the altamont pass. you can see a few brake lights here but only a 17 minute drive from those wind turbines towards 680 and the dublin interchange. coming up, we'll take a check of the north bay. in the meantime, back to you. this sounds promising. bryan stow is spending his first full day out of the hospital in more than six months. >> some great news there. doctors transferred him from the san francisco general
5:48 am
yesterday to a long-term rehabilitation center. they won't say where that is, though. the family wants privacy. stow can't stand up or walk but doctors said he can move his body and sit up on his own and is talking. two suspects pled not guilty to attack him outside dodger stadium in march. vitamin e may increase the risk of prostate cancer. doctors studied more than 35,000 men over the last 10 years. of the participants who took vitamin e, doctors found a 17% increase in prostate cancer compared to men who just took a placebo. it's not clear why. previous studies found vitamin e protected against the disease. the study appears in the journal of american medical association. a massive recall of ground beef out from southern california. the commercial meat company in downtown l.a. discovered possible e. coli contamination. it's issued an alert for nearly 400,000 pounds of ground beef
5:49 am
that was shipped to restaurants here in california and nevada. the meat products were transported to restaurants between september 7 and this past thursday. bullying is still a major problem at schools around the country. >> but now there is an eye- opening new study on the violence and it reveals why kids terrorize their peers. researchers interviewed more than 700 students and they found that a lot of times, aggressors are also victims of bullying. and socialists are now calling this social combat. >> it's pretty much a race to the top. by getting to the top, you view yourself as one of the important people of your school and that's the reason why bullying occurs. >> the study found that the higher kids get on the social ladder, the more aggressive they become but they also become more victimized. and there's a local union outside of detroit that has rejected a contract agreement between ford and the united autoworkers. union members say they are angry that the contract doesn't
5:50 am
give back some things that they lost in previous agreements including annual raises. they are also upset about ford's ceo. he got $26.5 million in a pay package last year. 5:50 now. oakland raiders insiders say the wife and son of the late al davis have no plans of selling the team. one team executive telling the "chronicle" there is no situation right now where economics are going to force a sale of the team. inheritance tax is not likely to be a problem and even in the long run a sale is unlikely due to prudent estate planning by the family. the finances may be shaky partly because of low attend dance at raiders game -- because of low attendance the raiders game. the rodeo coming to town. >> and a pro football player
5:51 am
turned prankster. where he gave visitors a shock. tell you about it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:52 am
5:53 am
national rodeo this weekend. as cowboys the cow palace celebrates the 70th anniversary of the grand national rodeo this weekend. cowboys and cowgirls take over the civic center this morning for the annual ride-around. bull riders kick off rodeo festivities at the cow palace friday night. we know where these guys are going to be. the rodeo shows off steer wrestling, horse shows, barbecues and apparently a whole lot more. >> lawrence, when you're there, take a couple of pictures. >> you got it. >> the first yeehaws to be heard from lawrence. taylor swift is about to become the youngest person ever to be named the billboard's woman of the year.
5:54 am
>> 21-year-old received the honor at billboard's women in music event in december. billboard says swift has had a major impact on music plus she has been an incredible role model for aspiring singers and songwriters. previous winners included beyonce and fergie. >> yeehaw. >> yes. there you go. i guess grace will be at the rodeo, too. the lights and music of george harrison is on display at a new hollywood exit. the grammy museum opened its interactive tribute to the beatles guitar band yesterday. ♪ [ music ] >> there we go. george harrison. visitors can play deejay by mixing up classic harrison tracts. there are handwritten lyrics inside glass cases. the exhibit has stage outfits, guitars and photos. great stuff. also on display a new wax figure of steelers safety troy
5:55 am
polamalu. the display needed more hair than other figures. wonder why. polamalu has been growing his hair for the last decade. he had fun with the visitors. after the shock visitors got a hug from the pittsburg player all pro. he does what, head and shoulder commercials, too? >> i was going to say. it's hard to tell which one is real. he has really good hair on that wax statue. >> good-looking stuff. you might see people doing some jumping jacks in the bay area this morning to set a world record. first lady michelle obama is leading a let's move campaign to get people exercising. she nodes more than 20,000 americans to do jumping jacks today to break the world record. a number of students from san francisco will be exercising on the golden gate bridge at 10 a.m. this morning. so if you see that, that is why. it's to set a world record. >> that will be something going over the bridge. >> i know. what's that going to do to the
5:56 am
morning commute? 10:00 this morning? >> breaking news. >> yeah, really, i know. >> jumping jackers on the golden gate bridge. >> there we go. >> at least the weather ised ga, right? >> fantastic weather out there today. a lot of sunshine, temperatures up into the 80s even some 90s toward thursday and friday. cooling down over the weekend. what a spectacular pink! -- what a spectacular picture! >> a little condensation. >> i had an expert with me when i was going to see the blue angels. >> impressive. >> my scientist brain. put on the traffic brain.
5:57 am
only joggers so far on the golden gate bridge, a few bicyclists but other than that quiet across the span this more than. it looks great through marin county. no roadwork so far through move the, san rafael and through novato, san rafael and cruising through the waldo grade. mostly green, you will notice a few brake lights through the altamont pass. but just a quick heads up. mass transit is on time. no bumps in the road there. >> no blue angels but we have a rodeo. these two are going to be at the rodeo. >> i like cowboys. >> there is a story there. okay. it is 5:57 now. in the next half hour, a san francisco mayoral hopeful picks up a big endorsement. >> and a new security warning for americans here and overseas. the details behind a bold murder plot on american soil. and the "occupy sf" movement picking up in just an hour with the morning rush hour march through the financial district. what to expect and where else in the bay area this movement
5:58 am
has spread to. coming up. and a power struggle at the head of the oakland police department. the chief is out. what's next for the department and who feels like the loser in all this coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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